Crochet Vixen Kit


Hey beautiful. I’m always asked, what type of hair do I use, or if I’ll be traveling to teach. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and protocols throughout the world, this is not possible. So, I had this BRILLIANT idea to put bundle everything you need to achieve different crochet braid styles from start to finish…..all in one kit. Even the needle and threads. SOME kits  will include enough crochet bundles for 2 clients. Premium kits like my handmade bundles will include a kit for 1 client/person.

My first virtual class will be held Sunday May 16th, under the theme “The Crochet Connection” in this session, I will demonstrate 2 techniques…..Crochet Vixen WITH hair left out, and Crochet Vixen with NO hair left out.

You will have access to detailed videos for your own development.

If you miss the virtual class, you will still have access to the tutorials.

All kits will be shipped worldwide, using FREE shipping.

Crochet Vixen Kit includes

1 Keepsake magnetic box

4 Crochet Vixen Bundles

(More than enough for 2 clients)

1 Refined Edges Edge Control

1 Edge brush

1 Crochet needle

1 Rat tail comb

4 Satin ties (ponytail holders)

1 Needle & thread

Crochet Vixen Kit


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