Crochet Vixen BundleColor: Salt & Pepper(Shipping Date: June 10th, 2024)


Crochet Vixen Bundles

Type: Premium Synthetic Fibers

Color: Salt n Peppa

Length: 18”

Bundles are NOT pre looped!

How much hair do I need to buy?

2-3 bundles recommended for a vixen crochet with some of your hair left out.

3-4 bundles recommended for a vixen crochet with no hair left out.

From experience, one bundle is NOT enough to complete an entire style for head sizes small, medium or large.

Hair Care Instructions

Hair can take heat up to 360 degrees, or on low dryer heat. Hair can be wet and washed, let air dry.

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Crochet Bundles
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Add a “note” when you place your order if you would like more salt than pepper and vice versa.