Crochet Vixen Bundle Color: #1 (Jet Black) (Shipping Date: June 10th, 2024)


Crochet Bundles
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Finally! Beauty By Bekuh’s Crochet Vixen Bundles are available for pre-order.

We are a growing business located in The Bahamas that make our crochet braid bundles by hand, and also source crochet braid bundles direct from manufacturers. Our bundles are tailored to match our ethnicity.

Beauty By Bekuh vixen bundles are usually only available to students of Beauty By Bekuh, but are available to the public for a limited amount of time, or until the bundles that are allocated for purchase, are sold out.

We appreciate your business and would love to continue distributing our exclusive bundles to women around the world.


We are aware that sometimes we make decisions for our hair, based on trend. In some cases, regretting it, because it doesn’t suit our skin, there’s no one near you who can properly provide the same services that inspired you, to name a few.

While it is our absolute hope that you’re satisfied, because of the personal nature of our business, there are no refunds.


Things you need to know before purchasing.

Our bundles are NOT pre-looped!

Do not purchase if you do not know how to properly execute a crochet weave, or if you do not intend on having our bundles installed by a professional crochet braid specialist.


How much hair do I need to buy?

2-3 bundles recommended for a vixen crochet with some of your hair left out.

3-4 bundles recommended for a vixen crochet with no hair left out.

From experience, one bundle is not enough to complete an entire style for head sizes small, medium or large.


Colors available.


#1  Jet black (darkest black)


The color that you choose will be the color that we fulfill.